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About DJ Hardcore Heaven
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Welcome to DJ Hardcore Heaven – Oldskool Happy Hardcore Scratch DJ playing tunes from 1991-1998 and Happy Hardcore producer, keeping the classic rave sound alive!

About DJ Hardcore Heaven

I first started mixing happy hardcore back in 1995, when I bought my first pair of Soundlab ? decks. After about a year – I finally got the 1210s I had been dying to get my hands on!

About DJ Hardcore Heaven
About DJ Hardcore Heaven
About DJ Hardcore Heaven

The first few tunes I ever bought were:

About DJ Hardcore Heaven

In 1998-99 I started buying and selling records for a living and I had one of the biggest online record dealer websites, specialising in Oldskool and Happy Hardcore. These were some of the craziest times with literally hundreds of thousands of happy hardcore records coming through our doors. We got to play every tune you could imagine, pretty much all day, every day.

About DJ Hardcore Heaven

By 2006 CDJs had changed the EDM landscape and I had settled down with a young family so I ended up going back to study and heading in a completely different direction, career-wise.

Then, in about 2017, when my eldest son was 13, he asked for a digital controller for a birthday present – that’s when the reincarnation started ?!

About DJ Hardcore Heaven

Since then, I have rekindled my love affair with the oldskool happy hardcore sound and my son (DJ Angel) has become an absolutely amazing hardcore scratcher. 

15 years old, what a talent! ❤️⬇️⬇️

Now I regularly play live online (join the NightOwl crew here on Facebook), occasionally banging out seven hour sets to rekindle the memories ??????!

However, my main focus, right now, is producing the classic happy hardcore sound – uplifting piano, head-spinning breakbeats, gut-punching hardcore bass!

I don’t produce for the ??, I make PROPER Happy Hardcore ?❤️ because that’s what inspires me, that’s what I enjoy, that’s what I love. You can check out my Happy Hardcore releases here.

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